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I Write Like - The Undersea World of OtterChaos
...and sometimes you're the fish
I Write Like

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

At least, on my worky/techy mostly Excel and ranting about Lotus Notes blog I do, where DFW came up 8/10, with Asimov and Agatha Christie once each.

Here, I appear to have a rather less easily-identifed style: a sample of this year's posts gave the following (one each):
  • J K Rowling
  • H P Lovecraft
  • William Shakespeare (so I can now honestly say that my writing has been compared with Shakespeare1)
  • Raymond Chandler
  • Chuck Palahniuk
  • James Joyce
  • DFW (again)
I have to confess to being entirely unfamiliar with Mr Wallace's work. So I've ordered some. Or perhaps I should just go back and read my own stuff?

(edit: This post takes the Chuck Palahniuk score to 2)

1 It could always be compared thus, I suppose, but not necessarily favourably.

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real_aardvark From: real_aardvark Date: 7th September 2010 22:50 (UTC) (Link)


Isn't "I write like" fun? Right up to the point where you realise it's like being 13 again, and posing a questionnaire to your class-mates that tries to determine whether a love of carrots is positively correlated to fancying spotty girls with spectacles. (I made a huge mistake on that one. I've never been fond of carrots.)

It's actually more fun to try to work out the (dispiritingly limited) artificial intelligence that comes up with things like David Foster Jenkins, or whatever his name was. Well, still is, but he topped himself.

I seem to recall that you once asked whether I've got a blog or not. For what it's worth, I do now: http://drloser.blog.co.uk/2010/09/07/blogging-is-dead-long-live-this-blog-9338838/. It seems a stupid sort of thing to do, but then as a long-term unemployed bloke, I'm up for stupid sorts of things to do. Speaking of which, do you want a link?
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