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The Undersea World of OtterChaos - Afternoon Delight (?)
...and sometimes you're the fish
Afternoon Delight (?)

Broadgate Circle, 23-Jun-2010
Broadgate Circle, 23-Jun-2010

A few office workers took a late lunch in the sunshine this afternoon. They had assembled to watch their football team finish second in their qualifying group to the mighty USA. Germany looms in the next round for the plucky Brits, barring a peculiar combination of outcomes in tonight's fun. Given the number of peculiar results seen already, Germany might well loom off again.

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gunga_galunga From: gunga_galunga Date: 23rd June 2010 19:58 (UTC) (Link)
The excitement here in the states is unquenchable. We had a few tvs down at the building entrance where people would stop and watch for a minute or two and then go about their business.
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